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First Look: Spring Football Game Rosters

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Preparations for the spring game got underway Wednesday and Thursday, as both the Red and White teams 'signed' two free agents apiece. Yesterday evening, the teams solidified their rosters with the drafting of the remaining players. InsideHilltopperSports.com gives you an exclusive first look at the rosters for Saturday's spring game.
Red Team
Head Coach: Walter Wells
Offensive Coordinator: Zach Azzanni
Defensive Coordinator: Karl Maslowski
3 Bobby Rainey RB
5 Antonio Andrews RB
7 C.J. Odom LB
11 Jonathan Dowling S
12 Brandon Doughty QB
12 Tyran Golden LB
22 Tyree Robinson CB
24 William Simmons CB
29 Kiante Young S
35 Demetrius Coley TE
40 Bar'ee Boyd LB
41 Tevin Bryant RB
42 Nick Baisch FB
43 Jamarcus Allen DL
45 Cole Tischer DE
47 Neil Wilson WR
60 Ed Hazelett OT
67 Cody Widelski C
77 Wes Jeffries OT
84 Jim Murphree TE
87 Andrew Pettijohn WR
89 Maurice Bullard WR
90 Bo Adebayo DE
95 Kenny Martin DL
White team
Head Coach: Lance Guidry
Offensive Coordinator: A.J. Pratt
Defensive Coordinator: Eric Mathies
4 Rico Brown WR
5 Jared Clendenin DE
6 Kawaun Jakes QB
13 Xavius Boyd LB
21 Arius Wright CB
26 Avery Hibbitt RB
30 Joel German WR
32 Kadeem Jones FB
34 Keshawn Simpson RB
38 Ricardo Singh S
46 Kareem Peterson S
50 Ben Duvall LB
52 Cameron Clemmons OT
52 Tyler Julian LB
55 Tevin Holliman DL
57 Tenerio Davis LB
58 Mike Federspiel LB
61 Zane Karrer C
75 Seth White OL
81 Jamarielle Brown WR
88 Ryan Wallace TE
93 Quanterus Smith DL
96 Rammell Lewis DL
97 Johnathan Scott DE
Because of a shortage of offensive linemen, Luis Polanco, Luke Stansfield and William Berner will rotate between teams.