The New Class: Calvin Washington

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Calvin Washington
Position: Defensive end
Hometown: Waynesboro, Va.
High School: Fishburne Military School Rating: Three stars
Recruited by: Raymond Woodie
Has your size changed at all?
I'm roughly 265-270.
What does your workout routine entail?
I do a little bit of everything. I do squat, bench, hand clean, leg press, auxilary lifts. It's pretty much everything I'd do if I was already at WKU.
When do you plan on reporting to WKU?
In May for WKU's first summer class session.
What do you plan on working or improving on through this summer?
Definitely technique. I've only played on defense for a year. There's always room for more speed and qiuickness. I've been working on that. I'm even taking a JUDO/martial arts class to work on my hands. It's just the overall IQ as a defensive end that I have to get better with.
How would you describe your playing style?
Raw and physical. I haven't really had time to add too much with just one year at defensive end.
What are some of your goals for your freshman season at WKU?
Number one is to pass all my courses because I can't play without that. I don't wanna just put up big numbers. I just wanna help the team as best as possible.
What's your favorite food?
Good question. This might sound weird, but pancakes, bacon and eggs.
What is your favorite movie?
That's a tough one. Face/Off. That's up there with my favorites. I'm a big Nicolas Cage fan.
Who is your favorite musician?
Bob Marley.
What would be three words to describe you?
Humble, respectful and hungry.
If you could date any celebrity, who would it be?
This is another tough one. I'll go with Alicia Keys.
If you could pick a fight with any celebrity, who would it be?
Mike Tyson. Naw I'm just kidding. He'd probably beat me up. I don't know what it is but for some reason I just hate Rex Grossman. I'm a big Redskins fan and he's just always messing up.
What's been your most memorable experience playing football?
My senior year in high school, I was named the offensive and defensive MVP. That felt pretty good.
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