Winning Ways- Louisiana-Lafayette

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This week, the Toppers changed a few things up in practice that they hope will pay off this weekend against Louisiana-Lafayette. After dropping two in a row to top 25 teams LSU and Nebraska, the Cajuns got back on track with a winover North Texas. Each week, will compile the three biggest keys on each side of the ball to keep WKU in the game:
Let sophomore running back Bobby Rainey get the ball in space:
This means creating running room for him or more importantly, getting him the ball of bubble screens or other dump passes. He took one into the end zone at Navy and has shown effectiveness in making guys miss by making the right moves with space around him.
Play Smarter:
The majority of the mistakes made so far, whether it be by penalty or turnover, has been small things that hurt WKU big. A lot can be controlled, such as the personal foul penalties and need to be, if the Toppers are to get that first win of the season.
Get Other Receivers To Step Up:
Junior wide receivers Dustin Boyer and Quinterrance Cooper will be out and redshirt freshman tight end Jack Doyle WKU's leading receiver, is a game-time decision. That's a good chunk of the receiving gone, especially with Doyle and Cooper. At least one or two receivers will have to step up big, such as Anthony Sheppard or Derrius Brooks.
Get some kind of pressure on the quarterback:
The Toppers have been unable to disrupt the opposing quarterback much this season. That has to change, as even the average quarterbacks, when given plenty of time to work, can be effective.
Watch for a balanced, mirror version of the WKU offense:
Coach David Elson has said this week that he sees his own offense when looking at the Cajuns. Louisiana-Lafayette tries to stay balanced running and passing. The Toppers' defense has hopefully learned a little something in playing against its own offense.
Cut down on the big play:
Though overall, the WKU defense has been anything but bad, one of the biggest concerns has been in giving up either a home run of a pass or a long run. The Toppers have been decent in intermediate plays, but those long gains have really added up and have killed just about every defensive effort.
After the game, catch's extensive post-game, with a full game wrap and audio from coach David Elson on Facebook