Kaspar Signs Letter Of Intent To WKU

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His mind was almost made up, but he wanted to be certain.
Findlay Prep (NV) point guard Kevin Kaspar enjoyed his official visit to WKU April 22. But he still wanted something else to compare it to and took an official visit to Fresno State over the weekend.

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It didn't change his mind.
This morning, Kaspar called InsideHilltopperSports.com to say he's not only committed, but signed his letter of intent to WKU.
"I really like the campus, the gym, but the main reason though was the coach," Kaspar said. "He's a fan off the court and he looks like he'll push me hard on the court. It's business on the court and I like the players over there. I trust the incoming guys that we can do big things in a couple of years over there. I just believe that we'll do great things with the guys over there. I like the coaching staff, Coach (Ken) McDonald."
McDonald has been making a push for Kaspar for a few months now in the Toppers' search for a point guard. The lone returning point guard is junior-to-be Jamal Crook.
"Obviously, they really need a point guard," Kaspar said. "That's the main reason I'm going over there. If they didn't need a point guard, they wouldn't recruit me, but they came at me and offered me."
Kaspar also had another connection in WKU signee Derrick Gordon. The two played for the same AAU team last summer and Gordon was one of the first Kaspar informed of his decision.
"I just text him and he said, 'Yes sir!'" Kaspar said. "I told him I signed and he was like, 'you committed?' I was like, 'I signed, not committed!' I like DG and he was my teammate with the Long Island Lightning and I liked him as a player. When I was on my visit, I got a chance to play with the guys and I felt good about it. I think we'll do great things there. We've just gotta trust each other, be fist to fist, together all the time."
On April 15, Kaspar also took an official visit to Northern Illinois, which made up his final three along with WKU and Fresno State. Kaspar said he liked his visit this weekend, but in the end, it wasn't enough.
"To be honest, I liked it over there too," Kaspar said. "But Coach Terry is new over there. I'm glad I met with him and he's a great guy, the campus is great. I liked everything about it, but I felt better about WKU. It didn't change my mind, so I decided to sign with WKU."
Now, it's just a matter of figuring out exactly when he'll arrive at WKU. Gordon and the other newcomers will arrive for summer class and training on June 5, but Kaspar might be later before he makes it.
"I checked the summer school times and I've still gotta decide when I'm gonna go," Kaspar said. "I'm gonna go to Turkey for a little bit to see my parents because I haven't seen them in a long time. I'm gonna talk to them and see what they like, what they think. I'm gonna decide it soon about when I'm gonna be there."
With Kaspar's mind made up, the Toppers' point guard disparity just became less so.